Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hard Reset Phone when you Forgot Lock Pattern

Today i will show you a tutorial How to Hard Reset Phone when you Forgot Lock Pattern. Lock pattern apps which which are quiet handy to provide safety to your data on your android handset. In the Lock Pattern we need to provide the available combination of dots in any pattern which are arranged in grid to unlock the smartphone touch screen device.

The lock pattern are some times difficult to remember and the user many a times usually forgets the lock patter, i.e which dots to use to unlock the Android mobile phone device. The the question arises can I try the lock pattern if i remember apart of it. The answer is you you can use the possible combination if you remember some of the lock pattern. Also the user have entered the incorrect pattern five times then he needs to wain for 30 seconds to unlock the device.

When you has forgotten your screen unlock pattern then you need to reset it. The simple procedure to reset have been displayed below. This method includes resetting password through Gmail Account.

1. Keep entering  the unlock pattern till 5 times as after that the screen will display , forgot the password at the bottom right side of the screen.

2. Now you can see the two option displayed over the screen namely Emergency call and forgot pattern, you need to tap on the forgot password option, further will will be asked to sign in with your google or GMail account information. You need to fill ID when you first register your phone, it would be easy to gen in and to change the unlock pattern.

3. If you don't know you Gmail ID or password then the only possible option is ti hard reset your handset. The hard reset will not erase the data on your SD card but date in your phone memory are bound to be loses. (Contacts, messages etc)

4. Process to hard Reset Android mobile as it includes some codes to format & techniques to perform the reset procedure, where you need to re-download the apps and settings which has been mentioned below. Forgot lock pattern/password? Hard reset your android phone:-

(i) Switch off your smartphone android device.
(ii) Now Hold the Home Key and Red Power Button for 30 seconds till a triangle including exclamation sign appears. Keep holding even G1 LOGO appears.
(iii) Clear all the cache and wipe all the data from recovery mode.
(iv)i) Now you are available with 4 following options:-
----> ALT + L  (Toggle log & menu option)
---->ALT + S ( SD updates)
---->ALT + W (wipe data & reset factory)
---->HOME + BACK ( to reboot)

It is a simple procedure to hard reset your phone, where we restore the software device back to normal as it was earlier. Generally Hard reset is performed when we have forgotten the lock pattern/ password.

Do you find these steps helpful displayed above on how to hard reset phone when you forgot lock pattern. Then leave your valuable comment so that others know about it.

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